Tips for Increasing Gas Mileage

Anyone that owns a vehicle knows that it isn't cheap to fill their car up with gas. Gas prices have been at an all time high and gas can account for a large part of your budget depending on the type of vehicle you drive. Even if you drive a fuel efficient, or alternative fuel vehicle there are still ways to improve your gas mileage which in turn will save you money.

Drive More Efficiently

  • Try to observe the speed limit, most cars lose a considerable amount of gas mileage when they go above 60mph

  • Avoiding unnecessary heavy items in your car will increase gas mileage especially for smaller vehicles

  • Leaving your car idle for along time is a waste, and avoiding doing so will help save you gas and money

  • When on the highway it is a good idea to use cruise control as it helps to maintain a constant speed and save on gas

  • Using your car's overdrive gear will slow your engine and increase gas mileage

  • Avoid speeding, rapid acceleration, and braking as it wastes gas and can be unsafe

Routine Car Maintenance

  • Keep your tires inflated properly to increase your gas mileage by approximately three percent

  • Keeping your engine tuned is a big gas saver, and major repairs can help increase your gas mileage by up to forty percent

  • It is important to use the recommended type of motor oil, using the wrong grade can decrease your gas mileage by up to two percent

Plan Your Commute

  • Combine all of your errands to save unnecessary trips in the car and decrease gas use

  • Avoid driving during peak rush hours

  • Try to use public transit systems if they are available to you

  • Try to get together will coworkers and carpool to save money on gas

Drive Efficient Vehicles

  • If possible drive a fuel efficient vehicle that will save money and the environment

  • Driving a fuel efficient or alternative fuel vehicle can save you more than three thousand dollars over five years

Gas Mileage Resources

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